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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get up and running?

By following our plan, it will take 6-8 weeks for a basic minimum viable product rollout.

This number will change based on specific needs and your team's ability to hit deadlines.

Do I need any other software for CRM in a Can apart from the CRM in a Can licenses?
Yes, you will need a Microsoft PowerApps license for each user who will access CRM in a Can.
Many companies already have this so please check with your technology person - either your internal person or outside consulting firm.
Will I need a server for this?
No, CRM in a Can is a cloud-based application. You will not have to worry about servers, uptime, or backups so you and your team can focus on taking care of prospects and customers, and not worry about technology!
Where is the application stored? Do I host it in the cloud?
CRM in a Can is automatically hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. There are no additional fees for this and it's all part of the benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft provides the storage, the server processing power, and handles upkeep and security so you are free to focus on your business.
What kind of training does this include?

We offer a virtual training course consisting of videos, lessons, and quizzes as the primary way for people to get training.

The benefit of this model is that you and your team can take the training videos scheduled around your teams’ availability. They also remain available as a permanent resource for your team to brush up or orient any new hires for as long as you're a member of CRM in a Can.

Customers with a Personalized training plan will also be supplemented with instructor led check-ins and checkpoints.

How much data can I store in CRM in a Can? Is it unlimited?
CRM in a Can offers data capacity based on the Microsoft Power Platform. Out of the box, this gives you the ability to store up to 5GB + 50MB/User in the database. An install of CRM in a Can will take up about 1GB before data.
Additional storage can be purchased as needed.
What are my options if I outgrow CRM in a Can?
CRM in a Can is designed to be an affordable, powerful solution that will adapt and grow with you. At some point, you might want to move up to the full Dynamics 365 CRM suite, the "big brother / sister" of CRM in a Can.
When that happens, we will help you migrate all your core CRM in a Can data at no charge. If you have built custom entities and tables, we can assist and there will be a charge. You will also need to setup and configure Dynamics 365 which will also require a separate project and charge based on your needs and the options you are implementing.

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