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Powerful, Easy, Affordable CRM for Everyone

CRM in a Can is everything you need in a Small Business CRM.

Forget the bloated, expensive, and difficult to learn CRM systems of the past.

CRM in a Can is designed with the same framework as Dynamics 365, but we’ve made it easier, cheaper, and with only the tools you actually need, packaged in the Microsoft brand you already trust.

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Everything you want in a CRM

Screenshot of an account in CRM in a Can

Manage Accounts, Contacts,
Opportunities, & Activities.

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Integrate with Office 365 products like Outlook,
Word, Sharepoint, Teams, & More!

Per license cost ranking. CRM in a Can licenses are cheaper than D365 CRM Professional and Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

Designed and Priced for Startups
& Small Businesses.

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Fully Customizable to grow with
your business through Power Platform.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence: If this product is different than what you thought it was from when you purchased it, contact our staff for a refund within 45 days of purchase or completion of project.


This guarantee is limited to the amount paid for the project services and excludes all software fees. The guarantee does not cover any expenses incurred during the project.

Does CRM in a Can have what I need compared to other CRMs?

Yes! CRM in a Can doesn’t just offer a powerful suite of CRM tools but seamlessly integrates with Microsoft platforms, enhancing your business processes without missing a beat. While other CRMs might offer a myriad of functions you’ll never use, CRM in a Can provides the perfect balance of ease and customization to match your business. Plus, our competitive pricing ensures maximum value for your investment.

Why compromise when you can have efficiency, integration, and affordability all in one package?


Compatible with Microsoft apps


Easy to upgrade as your business grows


A fraction of the price of Dynamics CRM


Simple to learn


Training included with purchase


Perfect for SMBs just starting out with CRM


Flat monthly cost


100% Money-Back Guarantee


Stay sharp, stay competitive. Dashboards within CRM systems provide an integrated, visual representation of vital business data in real-time. By consolidating essential metrics and KPIs in one place, they enable professionals to make informed decisions swiftly. Such a comprehensive view not only streamlines operations but also optimizes the relationship management process, positioning businesses for greater success.

Our CRM dashboards equip you with the insights you need to make the moves that matter. Why just keep up when you can lead?

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Sales Pipelines

In CRM systems, opportunity/sales pipeline forms serve as structured pathways to capture, analyze, and optimize sales processes. They present a visual roadmap of potential deals, stages, and touchpoints. Their paramount importance lies in standardizing sales procedures, ensuring a consistent approach, and delivering actionable insights, thereby enhancing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Keep it clean, keep it efficient. With CRM in a Can opportunity forms, you get straightforward insights, adaptable to your specific sales journey. It’s simplicity that works.

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microsoft dynamics 365 opportunity screenshot
salesforce opportunities screenshot

Licensing & Features Comparison

built with microsoft power platform architecture

Integrate with the Tools You Already Use

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Outlook Integration

Sharepoint Integration

MS Teams Integration

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Mobile Phone

Save Time with Powerful Productivity Tools

EZ Projects


Streamline your projects from creation to application

Want to create or recreate a multiple task project in just one click?

Need to view tasks by project instead of jumping around from one owner’s task list to another?

EZ Projects make project sequences easier to create and clearer to manage!

EZ Buttons


Make custom buttons for YOUR unique sales processes

With just a couple clicks, your team can now create a case, opportunity, or task, and relevant information automatically populates, all without needing to steer away from the form they’re looking at.

EZ Buttons are available on multiple entities and are very customizable.

EZ Mailchimp


Link your D365 lead and contact data to Mailchimp

Make email templates and campaigns in Mailchimp and populate them with marketing lists from CRM.

Read campaign insights from within CRM to view read and response data, and plan followup campaigns. best of all, it works with the free version of Mailchimp!

Pick the Support that’s Right for You

Guided Support

Get on-demand help for any CRM questions you may have.


  • A personal MS Team with an assigned concierge who monitors daily
  • Unlimited “how do I…?” questions
  • Unlimited break/fix Support
  • Admin and Sales video training
  • Private Community message board access

Basic Support

Get expert break/fix support through our service portal.


  • Unlimited break/fix Support
  • Admin and Sales video training
  • Private Community message board access

Community Support

Get help through our community supported forum.


  • Admin and Sales video training
  • Private Community message board access

Note: Community Support is hosted on MS Teams, which will expose your email address to other users.

Onboard Your Way


Learn one-on-one with a coach through regularly scheduled set meetings and homework.


Learn with a cohort through regularly scheduled set meetings and homework.

Do It Yourself

Get onboarding videos & materials and train on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get up and running?

By following our plan, it will take 6-8 weeks for a basic minimum viable product rollout.

This number will change based on specific needs and your team's ability to hit deadlines.

Do I need any other software for CRM in a Can apart from the CRM in a Can licenses?
Yes, you will need a Microsoft PowerApps license for each user who will access CRM in a Can.
Many companies already have this so please check with your technology person - either your internal person or outside consulting firm.
Will I need a server for this?
No, CRM in a Can is a cloud-based application. You will not have to worry about servers, uptime, or backups so you and your team can focus on taking care of prospects and customers, and not worry about technology!
Where is the application stored? Do I host it in the cloud?
CRM in a Can is automatically hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. There are no additional fees for this and it's all part of the benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft provides the storage, the server processing power, and handles upkeep and security so you are free to focus on your business.
What kind of training does this include?

We offer a virtual training course consisting of videos, lessons, and quizzes as the primary way for people to get training.

The benefit of this model is that you and your team can take the training videos scheduled around your teams’ availability. They also remain available as a permanent resource for your team to brush up or orient any new hires for as long as you're a member of CRM in a Can.

Customers with a Personalized training plan will also be supplemented with instructor led check-ins and checkpoints.

How much data can I store in CRM in a Can? Is it unlimited?
CRM in a Can offers data capacity based on the Microsoft Power Platform. Out of the box, this gives you the ability to store up to 5GB + 50MB/User in the database. An install of CRM in a Can will take up about 1GB before data.
Additional storage can be purchased as needed.
What are my options if I outgrow CRM in a Can?
CRM in a Can is designed to be an affordable, powerful solution that will adapt and grow with you. At some point, you might want to move up to the full Dynamics 365 CRM suite, the "big brother / sister" of CRM in a Can.
When that happens, we will help you migrate all your core CRM in a Can data at no charge. If you have built custom entities and tables, we can assist and there will be a charge. You will also need to setup and configure Dynamics 365 which will also require a separate project and charge based on your needs and the options you are implementing.

Ready for CRM in a Can?

  • Fixed Fee Services

  • Proven Methodology

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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