crm in a can

CRM in a Can with DIY Coaching & Training

Get onboarding videos & materials and train on your own.


  • Step 1 - Choose your Base Product

    We’ve custom tailored three flavors of CRM in a Can to suit your business needs.

    *Number of CRM Users

    *Base Application Options

    You may select more than one.

    Step 2 - Choose your Components

    CRM in a Can works with all your Microsoft applications and more. Let us know what you are interested in using it with!


    Choose your Add-ons

    We’ve made powerful tools to help jumpstart your CRM right out the gate.

    Add-on prices are in addition to your base fee.


    Choose your Support Level

    Whether you need one-on-one assistance or prefer to do things yourself, we’ve got you covered.

    You may change your support level at any time.

    *Ongoing Support Options